Our Kinder & Community

We view our kindergarten as an extension of the family; educators foster strong relationships with families and families have opportunities to come together in social settings.  Our kinder is situated on Wells Road Beaumaris, next to Illaroo Reserve, which is a wonderful park for families to gather before and after a kinder session.  We have family days and social events as well as informal ‘catch ups’ organised by the group social representatives. 

Our Philosophy

We view our kindergarten as an extension of the family, and as such look at the whole child and their needs, in particular their social and emotional wellbeing.


  • All children are unique and are capable contributors to their own learning.
  • Children need a balance between active and quiet play.
  • Outdoor play is essential for children’s development. All children should have opportunities to test their limits and take risks in a safe and protected environment.
  • East Beaumaris Kindergarten is committed to providing a child-safe environment where children not only feel safe but are safe. Staff ensure that the children’s voices are heard regarding decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with disabilities.


  • A quality, play-based program leads to children becoming confident learners.
  • A quality program is purposefully planned and based on the individual needs and interests of each child and the group.
  • A quality program incorporates intentional/planned teaching to fully support children’s learning and development.


  • Children learn and develop through their experiences with their family, extended family and their community.
  • All families are unique and have their own culture and heritage. We value the richness that this diversity brings to the program.


  • We believe that lifelong learning is important for all.
  • Educators are supported to access a wide range of professional learning incorporating current research.


  • We are proud to acknowledge the People of the Kulin Nation as traditional owners of the land and waters. We do so through our symbol of the tree which is significant to the traditional owners.
  • We respect and care for our environment, both living and non-living.
  • We believe in the importance of healthy lifestyles including eating healthy food and active play.

Our Story

East Beaumaris Kindergarten was opened on 6th May 1967 and originally named East Beaumaris Preschool. Since then more than one-thousand children have enjoyed their early childhood at our community kindergarten. Now adults, a number of whom still live in the area, enjoy sharing stories of their time on walks passed the grounds.

The history of our kinder goes back well before the mid 20th century however, thanks to our beautiful red river gum. The tree, that features so prominently in our lovely outdoor space, is assumed to be one of the oldest indigenous trees in Bayside and is likely to be one of the few remnant trees left in Bayside that pre-dates white settlement. We acknowledge the importance of this tree through our East Beaumaris Kindergarten logo.

Families Welcome

Families are encouraged to be actively involved in the kinder program.  Parents are invited to be helpers during kinder sessions, involved with special events including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, excursions/incursions and concerts. You may volunteer to be a social rep or join the Committee of Management. Our connections with family are one of the very special things that sets us apart and what makes community kindergarten such a wonderful experience.

Illaroo Reserve

Illaroo Reserve is a wonderful parkland space located next to the kinder.  It features an open green space and playground.  Families naturally gravitate to the park before and after kinder and it provides a lovely opportunity to extend kinder connections.