East Beaumaris Preschool


East Beaumaris Kindergarten values children as unique individuals and capable contributors to their own learning. We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of the children through the creation of meaningful and stimulating experiences in our play-based learning programs. We have created an environment that assists your child to make meaning of their environment, extend their interests and build new competencies encouraging growth and diversity in an environment that is developmentally appropriate and caring.

We are committed to providing a stimulating, caring and fun environment that is enjoyable for children, staff and parents. As well as recognising our role in preparing children for school we place our emphasis on the development of an emotionally and socially secure foundation for life.

We are located in a wonderful setting that includes spacious atmospheres both inside and out. Our indoors area has two large rooms; one main classroom and one multi-purpose room that doubles as the foyer for meal times and for drop off and collection times.

We place great emphasis on the benefits of outdoor play and are proud of our spacious playground that offers a fun, varied and challenging environment. The outdoor environment provides many unique opportunities to develop and extend children’s learning and skills through:

  • Providing opportunities for children to explore and develop relationships with the natural environment
  • Gaining a sense of freedom and self exploration
  • Learning the skills to self–managed risk (climbing, balancing etc.)

As well as providing for the development of physical skills children also need soft, quiet places for reflection and dramatic play in order to create their own worlds without the fear of being run down by a football match.

Our outdoor space includes:

  • Vegetable patch and separate large digging patch
  • Open grassed area
  • Sand pit
  • Designated climbing area and separate swings
  • Mud kitchen
  • Large cubby house
  • Natural wooden teepee

Respectful Engagement with Indigenous Perspectives

The Early Years Learning Framework, Principle 4 notes:  Respect for Diversity, includes promoting greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being (DET., 2019, p.14).  For East Beaumaris Kindergarten this means that we celebrate the benefits of diversity and seek to understand and honour these differences.  We engage respectfully with multi-cultural perspectives, and in the first instance with Indigenous perspectives.


We have created a flexible play-based curriculum for the children in which children they are offered the opportunity to engage in experiences that reflect their varying developmental stages. We allow for open-ended activities where the children are free to explore at their own personal level, where they can think and express themselves freely and where they can focus on the “process” of what they are doing rather than on the “end product”.

Our role as educators is to guide, evoke and extend children’s interests. We continually evaluate children’s play to discover what it is children are learning and to then help shape and extend this learning. This involves adding materials (child initiated or adult intentional), using questions to expand the play, interacting, participating, consolidating, observing and monitoring the play.

Both our 3 and 4 year old programs embrace the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework play-based curriculum. This identifies five outcomes for all children from birth to eight years.

These are:

  • IDENTITY – Children have a strong sense of identity
  • COMMUNITY – Children are connected to and contribute to their world
  • WELLBEING – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • LEARNING – Children are confident and involved learners
  • COMMUNICATION – Children are effective communicators

We use these principles to design our programs that include experiences and opportunities which enrich the children’s development and assess the children’s progress towards these outcomes.

Extended Care

We are excited to introduce extended care as part of our four year old program this year.  In recognition of community needs, we are committed to providing relaxing and stimulating activities during extended care sessions. Extended Care has an intentional mindfulness focus, although we also take part in community walks, cooking/baking and science experiments.

We hope you will join us on Monday and Thursday afternoons!

Committed to Child Safety

All children who come to East Beaumaris Kindergarten have a right to feel and be safe.  The welfare of the children in our care will always be our first priority and we have a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse.  We aim to provide a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun.